Manan Khurma, to the uninitiated, is the young founder and CEO of CueMath, an intuitive learning interface that aims to make math fun for kids. In a recent interview with CNBC, he has spoken about the firm’s commitment to the Indian teaching ecosystem.

Manan Khurma CNBC Interview Article Published on AlphaDigest written by Shomprakash Sinha Roy

“We want women like Priyanka to leverage and monetize their mathematical acumen”
– Manan Khurma, Cuemath

Cuemath was conceivably built as an idea first, and then as a business model. At the outset, it aims to reduce the amount of effort that goes into setting up a home-based learning center. With scores of coaching facilities cropping up in Indian metropolitan cities, there’s reasonable room for such platforms to intervene and innovate. Manan Khurma has definitively placed a solution on the table, and his industrial credentials seem to echo that sentiment. Cuemath recently secured a $4 million Series-A investment from Sequoia Capital, positioning Manan right amidst the big leagues.

Manan Khurma on Internet Infrastructure Challenges

Manan Khurma Factoring in India Internet Infrastructure CNBC Interview Published on AlphaDigest Shomprakash Sinha RoyWhen questioned about whether his product can deliver to the Indian last mile, Manan answers with a smile. He goes on to explain that Cuemath acts as a technology partner to aspiring teachers, by equipping them with the necessary hardware to setup a simplified mathematical learning center. Cuemath also ensures that basic internet connectivity remains the only eligibility criteria for teachers who wish to sign up on  the platform.

Cuemath operates on a revenue-sharing model with teachers, thereby encouraging women with a reasonably strong aptitude for mathematics, to leverage their knowledge well. By incorporating assisted learning techniques, the app functions as an excellent teaching aid, and serves as a great example of measurable learning platforms that now seem crucial, in the wake of explosive competition within the Indian schooling system.

Manan Khurma | The Man Behind Cuemath

Prior to launching Cuemath, Manan had founded Locus Education, a New Delhi-based JEE Test Preparation firm which was acquired by NH Elite in 2010. He is an IIT-Delhi alumnus, and a former dipsite (Manan Khurma finished high school at DPS Vasant Kunj). He is also the co-author of Pearson’s Mathematics for the JEE Advanced, a preparatory manual developed for IIT-JEE aspirants.

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