It would’ve been an educated guess to assume that the Hiten Tejwani-starrer horror flick ‘Saansein’ would tank at the box office, what with an obvious clash against crowd-pullers such as Rock On 2 and Dr Strange hitting theatres and multiplex screens almost at the same time. However, in an interesting turn of events, ‘Saansein’ has ended up beating ‘Rock On 2’ at box office collections even before its release, if an insider story at BollywoodTrade is to be believed.

Saansein (2016) Trailer

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization decision (of withdrawing the legal tender status of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes) has certainly impacted the entire country, many Bollywood analysts fear that this will continue to affect box office collections in the long run. While the absolute economics of movies that have opted to postpone their releases is yet to be evaluated in all its glory,  what’s clear right now is that this week’s new releases have hit rock bottom. Even big-ticket releases like ‘Rock On 2’, which were projected as sure-shot winners at the Box Office, based on prequel collections, opened far from their expected week-one collections.

However, certain movie distribution groups that cautioned themselves against instinctive releases, are now heaving a sigh of relief. Prior to the demonetization decision, ‘Saansein – The last Breath’, an upcoming horror flick that features Hiten Tejwani as an exorcist (yeah, you guessed it-  Conjuring style!) was also supposed to hit the screens on November 11, 2016. Nevertheless, alongside Modi’s big announcement, ‘Saansein’ producer Goutam Jain took a bold step and decided to postpone the release of his debut film, absolutely last-minute.

Contrary to popular speculation that ‘Saansein’ was being postponed as the makers didn’t want to clash with an established big-banner franchise like Rock On,  producer Goutam Kumar Jain says, “It was a calculated move. Since we had to take a call fast, we decided to postpone the film. We aren’t scared of the competition and we are quite confident of our product. We understand it will be difficult for people to prioritize a film over other basic necessities. The money should be used for basic necessity first.”

Saansein beats Rock On 2 before release dates - An Alphadigest Story
Hiten Tejwani plays a ‘exorcist’ in this upcoming Bollywood horror flick.

Having said that, the makers of ‘Saansein’ have chosen to display their guts on the line of fire by timing their new release date to coincide with an even bigger release – SRK’s ‘Dear Zindagi’. Whether or not this turns out to be a smart move, will become clearer on November 25th (Thanksgiving Weekend). There’s also that slight sliver of hope that economists have already predicted the end of the cash-crisis by then.

Let’s wait, shan’t we?