There’s a mandatory disclaimer about ‘Flexcia D’Souza’s Weight Management Guide’ – this post has been written on request by a few people who were kind enough to contact me on Facebook to enquire about my eating habits. They seemed surprised that I manage to stay slim even though I’m a foodie. Let’s get right to the basics. I occasionally go on binge eating sprees, and there are times when I eat less. There’s no premeditated pattern to my eating habits, really. There’s an accidental balance in all of this, because my mind is seemingly conditioned to accept good food. That’s the bottomline. If I don’t like a specific recipe, chances are, I won’t go for it. And the opposite is true, too. I’m a fan of everything that’s topped up with cheese, including delicious pizzas and burgers and what not. But there’s tons of fried food out there which I wouldn’t touch in a million years, even if I had to starve. Plus, I experiment with food, a lot! This means I get to try a mixed palate fairly regularly, and it remains a mystery as to how I end up liking some items and hating others altogether. So that’s my diet plan for you.

Is Flexcia Dsouza slim?

First things first. I ain’t slim! I used to be, probably when I was into active modelling. At the time, my weight (50kg) felt in sync with my height (I’m not tall, technically) and it made sense to carry a skinny structure. Over an eight-month period, after I landed in Mangalore, I managed to put on three kilos, which was enough to trigger disaster mode. I realized that I hadn’t put on weight overnight. Much of this weight gain had to be attributed to eating out frequently, travelling between cities (I had a few Delhi trips which took their toll on my weight). But the weight gain wasn’t that evident till the time the scales hit 56 (December 2015), and I suddenly wished I was 53 kgs again (Gimme a hi-5 in comments if this has happened to you!)

Flexcia Dsouza Weight Management Weight Loss Tips AlphaDigest

Anyway, 56 kg was bad. My waist had bloated two inches, and I had difficulty slipping into my old clothes. For a while, I stopped wearing T shirts altogether. I felt bad about it, but I pushed all my crop tops to the back of the closet. And I mastered the art of jumping like a monkey in the process of getting into my denims.

Flexcia Dsouza’s Transformational Challenges

I knew I had to reduce. I missed being home. Back home (in Goa), mum would take care of my food. I would keep eating all day long and still not put on weight. But here, on my own, I was putting on weight almost by magic. After a little research into the subject, I managed to shed the extra 3 kgs, but I didn’t exercise. I intended to, but I never got around to a solid commitment – I think I jogged for about 3 days after much deliberation, but that didn’t hold good. I realized exercise wasn’t my cup of tea. I had to find an alternative. Not eating, or eating healthy weren’t exactly valid options for me. I’m more of a pepsi-over-fruit-juice kinda gal. And french fries beat veggies any day of the week. Somewhere around January, I made a conscious decision to put my foot down and do something about it.

Flexcia Dsouza’s Conscious Weight Loss

This one goes out to people who genuinely believe that being fat doesn’t matter, people who think a little weight is absolutely normal and people for whom size zero is a big no-no. Look, a person’s weight is a very personal choice. I like being on the slim side, but I don’t detest those who don’t. A slim structure makes me feel confident about myself. I love bohemian clothes. I can’t do without my crop tops. Thanks to the crisis of 56 as I’ve come to call it, I wasn’t able to wear crop tops for like six months at a stretch. Imagine that! So before you judge me on being a weight-management counsellor, I want to clarify that I’m not. Flexcia Dsouza is anything but a weight loss guide. I’m someone who did these things because I wanted to feel better about myself, and I’m positive that you can drop a few kilos if you tried the same.

Without further ado, here’s the simple tasklist.

  1. Make a conscious decision that you want to lose weight. If this thought process isn’t sufficiently tormenting yout soul, you won’t be able to pull it off.
  2. Stay motivated. Think of that new bodycon dress you purchased, but alas, you can’’t wear it! Visualise yourself in that brand new crop top you saw at the mall last weekend. Look at your own photographs from a slimmer era, and think of that hot guy who wouldn’t make for a bad date! Think about anything that works for you, but never let go of your motivation to lose weight.
  3. Think before you eat. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m not a diet gal. Flexcia Dsouza stays away from health food, period. And there’s some good reason behind this, too. If something makes you happy, then it transcends all universal justice if you estrange yourself from it. But here’s the thing – you have a tongue, you have the right taste buds in place, but you also have Google and you have eyes. This is the time when you need to use your right-brain a little bit, watch out for hefty calorific labels on anything you’re consuming. This worked for me, I swear! Before I opened any packet, I looked up its calorific value on Google, and the lady inside me wouldn’t let me eat. And surprise, surprise! It didn’t make me sad at all. Try it. Another thing that works is scheduling a ‘healthy’ day where you focus on one healthy meal instead of junk food.
  4. Don’t stop eating! The fact that you’re plump right now, proves that you love your food. So don’t stop eating at the cost of being unhappy. But bring down the glutton in you. Be lady-like (wink!). Know your limits, know when to stop munching. Always chew your food as much as possible, before you swallow. Don’t overeat because you foresee a lack in food options later that day. That’s how I ended up gaining those inches in Mangalore and Delhi – by binge eating when it wasn’t necessary. During my consicous transformation phase, I ate only when I was hungry, and stopped when I realized I was full, and made smaller portions of food available all around me, just like how it was back home.
  5. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. Instead of the regular three-meals-a-day routine, break it down to six or eight meals. As a result, you’ll still be eating a lot but trust me, your weight-gain spree will hit a plateau. This is tough for working professionals, but a little effort early in the day (packing a mealbox, carrying assorted nuts, fruits, etc) will do the trick. It works, I’ve done it, I’ve seen the results, it works. Trust me. Do it.
  6. Stay hydrated. The human body is like, 90% water or something – they taught this when we were in fifth grade! Apart from this one meme that kept me going, I think the concept makes sense.Flexcia Dsouza Weight Management Weight Loss Tips AlphaDigest
    You see, there’s a trick. Drink a lot of water right before a heavy meal, such as lunch or dinner. This’ll make sure that you don’t bloat up. Lastly, two cups of cold water in the morning kickstarts your metabolism, preventing weight-gain.
  7. Green tea be thy savior. Oh yes, the chinese got it right! It’s a bit on the yucky side, but it gets addictive if you sustain your consumption. Plus, this one’s a healthy addiction. It reduces your belly fat, cleanses your system and maintains low toxicity levels in your bloodstream. I’d recommend a good brand of green tea, because it’s worth it. For best results, go for two cups on a partially empty stomach, or 30 minutes before each meal.
  8. Stay consistent. Get a tattoo proclaiming your decision to lose weight if it helps, or a Memento-esque reminder that you’ve put on weight. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you need to stay patient, and accept that losing weight takes more time than gaining weight. It took me three months to shed the additional weight, and if it takes longer for you, don’t lose heart. It’ll happen.

That’s it! That’s all I did to lose the extra fat and got back to my ‘53’ self! How easy was that? I didn’t work out, didn’t sacrifice my meals or starve myself to death either. I just skipped the ‘two chocolates a day’ routine and ate one Dark Fantasy cookie instead of five every day. Unless you’re in a really shitty mood, you don’t need Lays and Dark Fantasy and Chocolates every day. Skipping the routine for just a few a days makes a ton of difference. Also, all the extra water you drink and all that green tea brings brings about a huge change in you. It reduces acne, too!

A couple of things that I need to get off my chest before we conclude the segment – just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean it has to work for you. I’m not a nutritionist, and I’m definitely not a diet consultant. Consequently, this is neither a fad diet nor a regime that will keep working through the ages. This is for people who’ve put on a few extra kilos and want to shed them off to go back to their pre-weight days. Lastly, think before you apply any of this to practice, because it’s your life and your body. Have fun! Do what makes you feel happy. If food makes you happy, food it is! If you’d like a little bit of both – food and a great body, do the needful.

Flexcia Dsouza’s Request

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