The HUNT Formula sounds like something you’d teach a potential sniper, assassin or a forest ranger, but in reality, it’s a far cry from such assumptions. Plus, it has nothing to do with Tom Cruise’s iconic portrayal of the IMF secret agent Ethan Hunt. Maybe the metrosexual dating suffix is a giveaway, but to feed the curiosity of anyone who has ventured far enough to reach this article, I’d like to throw some light on the subject.

Disclaimers About The HUNT Formula

a) I’m not dating at the moment per se, which doesn’t necessarily reflect on the potential success rate of such a formula. On the plus side, I’d say this knowledge comes from someone who has participated in this gentlemen’s game without the tools that I’m about to describe. And like any other hypothesis backed by logic and factual assumptions, The HUNT Formula depends solely on human behavioral patterns. If you have a different opinion, please feel free to talk about in the comments section and we can discuss those doubts in detail. But by and large, I suspect you might agree with the concept.

b) Like my book titled 21 Things About Romance, this formula, too, isn’t about getting laid quick. Although I might take the liberty to venture out and say that this helps with the groundwork (very literally, as you’re about to see). Also, I’m not against quickies personally. I think they make up for an excellent workout.

We live in an era of connected devices, blazing fast internet connections (No, I’m not going to propagate the 4G-on-Himalayas agenda just yet, but I think we’re getting there sooner than anticipated) and smartphones that you can’t help but upgrade every year.

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With no offense to John Green whatsoever. I worship that guy.

Here’s the other thing about ‘The Latest Smartphone’. People buy new phones for all sorts of reasons – the closest people around me manage to break their phone screens pretty much all the time, which is a great excuse to buy a new one, but is that always the reason? I mean, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, haven’t you ever bought a phone and thought about who you’re going to impress with it, while either finishing your online purchase or when you hold your shiny new device in your hands for the first time? I know I’ve done it at least thrice (to impress the same person, but it turns out that’s not how it works!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the point of us embracing technology, at a very basic level, is still about making our lives easier (or in this case, a little happier). With that line of thought, I set about disseminating the fine art of utilizing technology to benefit romantic liasions in modern times. The resulting observation was very simple – it’s all about how you play (Or, for iOS users like me, it’s all about how you download and use the right app). Without further ado, I’m going to introduce the combination that I’ve been hyping up so much.

The HUNT Formula

1H (HappyCook)

To establish context, let me explain that a guy who can cook well for his girl, is approximately seven times more likely to get laid on a regular basis. You could debate this in comments or check with people around you to corroborate, but to my knowledge, this is fairly true (although seven might’ve been an arbitrary number – or is it?).

I must admit, the reason I’m talking about this service before any other major media mention is because one of their co-founders happens to be a dear friend of mine, who is ultra-passionate about food, hygienic cooking, and the usual spoils of a well-managed kitchen. I’ve been a victim of the ordering-food-outside cycle, where most urban singles end up ordering at least one meal a day from a restaurant or an online food delivery service. I’m not saying that’s wrong (believe me, I’m probably on Swiggy and Foodpanda’s priority customer list), but we can’t discard the fact that it messes with metabolism. Plus, there’s an understandable amount of concern as far as hygiene is concerned – even with sparkling clean user interfaces on food websites, there’s no way to be sure of the kind of oil or veggies that a particular restaurant is using for your order. HappyCook is conservatively a much better option if you’re concerned about what you’re consuming, and how it’s being cooked.

Here’s how it works. HappyCook operates with a daily replenishable inventory of fresh veggies, meat, cooking oil and other culinary essentials. Their website and their mobile platform applications display a menu comprising various cuisines. The interface allows you to select a dish of your choice, the number of portions that you wish to consume, and a time-slot. It displays the utensils that you’d need in your kitchen to cook that particular meal and the time it’d take you ro prepare the same in your kitchen.

Once you choose the relevant options and place your order, a HappyCook representative drops off a box to your address.This box contains everything that you need to prepare the meal, apart from kitchen utensils. And believe me when I say it contains everything. All the raw ingredients, freshly chopped and neatly packed, are placed next to spices, cooking oil (just the right amount in a pouch), and a recipe sheet.

Add to this the fact that all the ingredients are numbered for your benefit! The pincher is that these guys were in Beta-mode last I checked, and I tried two trial orders in the pilot period. Both orders were delivered on time, and the sheer brilliance of their service, combined with a beautifully packed recipe kit, prompted me to put them right at the top of The HUNT Formula. You’ll have to wait a little to get your hands on the service, though. HappyCook plans to start full-fledged operations very soon, and you can anticipate news regarding the same on AlphaDigest when it happens.

Suffice to say, if you cover this section, you’ve reached level ‘H’ on The HUNT Formula. And that’s something!

2U (Uber)

Admittedly, this hardly qualifies as news, or even as a suggestion. Of course you know about Uber! It’s the perfect way to book your rides across town if you don’t have a car, or if you don’t know how to drive a stick, like me. But it calls for valid inclusion on The HUNT Formula, because at the end of the day, credit must be given where it’s due. Uber changed the game multidimensionally when it entered the Indian metropolitan scene, by breaking down the autorickshaw regime in Bangalore, Mumbai and other early adopter cities.

So if you’re planning a night out on the town with nothing held back, it makes sense to rely on Uber for transport. Not only does it indemnify you against the possible threat of driving under influence, it also gives you that much-needed time to get cosy with your lady/guy as you cruise around town. If you need another reason, did you know that Ashton Kutcher was one of Uber’s earliest investors? He met a few of the founders at a Hackathon, and was blown away by the idea that he could now get drunk out of his wits, book a cab that was minutes away on his phone, and he wouldn’t have to spend ten or more miserable moments in giving out directions to his cabbie.

So? Are you on Uber yet? If not get right on it! I’m going to go one step further and add, if you use the promo code amksv during installation, you’ll get your first ride free, worth ₹150! Click here to install on Android!

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Offer applicable for first-time users only. Enter the code ‘amksv’ during your installation to earn your first free ride.

3N (NestAway)

The HUNT Formula will remain incomplete without the right accommodation experience. In the news recently for an upcoming funding round which looks likely to bring in $30-40 Million, the leased real estate major NestAway is one of Bangalore’s best providers of furnished accommodation to singles and families.

One of the biggest challenges that NestAway has resolved, is the strained relationship between tenants and landlords. Cities like Bangalore have been affected by the bane of exorbitant security deposits that dissuade many working professionals from opting for the home of their choice. Even as experts iterate the benefits of renting out homes as opposed to buying them, a huge chunk of India’s urban youth decides not to opt for it, because there are a number of community-pressure-points that  apply. Some landlords do not appreciate the entry of members of the opposite sex; NestAway has ostensibly resolved this with a clear clause while booking homes online, a rule that restricts opposite-sex guests to a deadline of 7 PM. While many look at this as an imposed restriction, I think the logic here is pretty straightforward. It eliminates the possibility of any future conflict regarding boys and girls in the apartment, with the landlord/society/anyone else. At the same time, it doesn’t prohibit entry completely, ensuring that you can introduce your love interest to your love nest!

All NestAway homes are furnished with state-of-the-art decor, powered by the leased furniture giant Furlenco. It kinda-sorta makes sure that you have the right living room to enjoy movies at home, the right bedroom to cuddle up in, the right kitchen to cook in – you  get the drill!

If you’ve ever faced a dating issue because you were staying at a PG, or because you had to opt for a hotel room (which can end up in a rather nasty/embarrassing experience for you and your lover, provided India’s messed up legal system decides to screw with you!) or something similar, I’d say you’ll find NestAway a godsend. And that brings it on The HUNT Formula as a definite go-to product.

Now, the best part. All your transactions on NestAway are online – which means there’s no more hassling with a landlord, or negotiating over the security deposit (which by default is twice the monthly rent – a rather fair structure, if you ask me). Go ahead, try it!

4T (Tinder)

You’re almost there! Assuming you’ve covered the H/U/N levels of The HUNT Formula, you’re now prepared to start dating! And amidst upcoming dating/matchmaking apps such as Banihal and Woo, we still think Tinder is a clear winner.

The international dating app, which has found prominence in Indian metropolitan circles recently, promises the right match in your vicinity at a single swipe. It’s available for both Android and iOS platforms, which makes it harder to come up with an excuse to not be with Tinder, unless you’ve already found your special someone.

To refresh, here’s how The HUNT Formula plays out –

  1. HappyCook – Cook fabulous meals for your special someone and impress them with your newfound culinary talents!
  2. Uber – Make every moment on that date count, with your personal driver on Uber!
  3. Nestaway – Find that perfectly decorated and furnished setting, to bring home a date.
  4. Tinder – You can cook, you’ve got a kitchen, you’ve got the best cabs in town at your disposal – Start dating!

Any questions? You can drop them in comments, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Before you go, there’s a bonus feature from our friends at The Viral Fever – featuring the uber-cool Jeetu!

Eat, Pray, Swipe!