Bangalore, April 5, 2016: Bangalore Nightlife? That’s hardly been a word since the time we graduated from college and started raking in all the moolah from our round-the-clock jobs. But…Be careful, Mr Wayne. There’s a long weekend coming. And as Bangalore residents gear up to battle the April heat, Indigo Live and other party giants have decided to crank up the temperature in their own mischievous way, and you’d have to be either really stupid or incredibly dull to miss out on the fun.

Just so that you don’t miss out on what’s in store for you this week, we at AlphaDigest have listed our favorite parties that are ready to set the town ablaze.

7Candy Shop With DJ Nash and DJ Raghu

This one’s taking off at Pebbles – The Jungle Lounge between April 5th – April 19th. So if you’re planning your Tinder date between now and then, Candy Shop makes a strong case for the perfect bangalore nightlife experience. To make the best out of their Guest-list, Couples and single ladies can RSVP (via WhatsApp or SMS) on +91-9886160194. Guest list entries close by 9:30, so you’d better hurry!

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6Latin Fusion Nights (Bangalore Nightlife)

‘Latin Fusion Nights’ is the theme chosen by Indigo Live Music Bar, in what promises to be a series of high-adrenaline evenings, all set to redefine the way residents think of Bangalore Nightlife. Starting Thursday, Indigo is bringing in DJ Vineeth Naidu for the benefit of everyone who wants to swing to some enchanting Latin music. Bring your dancing friends along!

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5Wicked Wednesday (Ladies Night)

The name’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Starting tomorrow (April 6th), Q-Bar is all set to promote Wicked Wednesdays for all the ladies out there. There’s free entry, unlimited drinks and free gifts in store for all the girls who show up. If you can hold your liquor, girls, you’d better show up. This is almost as good as Bangalore Nightlife gets for you.

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4The EDM Radar

This Wednesday, get groovy with some awesome house music with DJ Praful Menon at City Bar. This one’s an strict no-brainer for EDM junkies out there. Bangalore Nightlife is highly dominated with EDM enthusiasts, and this is your chance to find like-minded party peeps around town. You can RSVP by calling 080-42773636.

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3Absolut House (ft. Sam Abraham)

Sam Abraham is one of the biggest and most resilient names in electronic music right now, and Bangalore’s premiere party destination Blue Frog is ready to host him this Saturday (April 9th, 2016). There’s a slight pinch, with a Rs 500 entry fee, but if you’re up for a night of Vodka-fuelled madness and funky electronica, it makes sense to turn up. You can listen to Sam Abraham’s music here and decide if you’re going.

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2F**k me, I’m famous (Skyye Bangalore)

Alright, this one’s a biggie. Surprise, surprise… UB City’s Skyye Bar (If you haven’t been there to enjoy the view from the 16th Floor, I strongly suggest that you do!) is hosting a resident DJ night with Danny Wade, JP Candela and D3Epak. And judging by the theme that they’re going for, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be an awesome hangout for Tinder enthusiasts!

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1The Hogwarts Party

You didn’t think we were going to miss this one, did you? For the uninformed, I share my birthday with J.K. Rowling and the titular character of this massive series that stole all our Gen-Y hearts. Anyway, the word around town is that Indigo Live Bar has really brought the Bangalore Nightlife game up to speed with a Hogwarts Themed Party. Yeah, it’s happening! With special attractions such as DJ Dumbledore and a fight between Harry Potter and the Dark Lord, you might not want to miss this at all.

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So – that’s pretty much it! It’s not a huge list, but it’s one that’ll keep you occupied all week (and beyond) if you’re really in the mood to party this week! If you have other ideas that you want to suggest or have any party suggestions at all (costumes, pick up lines that I can use, etc) – drop a comment below! Cheers.