An April Fool’s Day 2016 Feature – The beauty of being a content marketer is the ability to do things like browsing for the best April fools day pranks of 2016, while simultaneously claiming to be involved in strict B2C content research for ‘attracting millennial audiences’.

In the interest of brevity, I’ve gone a step ahead from being a cocky Mr. know-it-all to a man of selective passion. From a heady cocktail of well-disguised pickup pranks and promises of a future where dogs can code, I’ve drawn up a list of my top three favorite pranks of 2016. The reason? No reason at all, except for the fact that these resonate ‘lifestyle’ like absolutely nothing else.


Google takes the unarguable lead in what appears to be a series of pranks directed at augmented reality. With an elaborately designed product showcase video to back it up, Google capitalized on the volatile attention deficit disorder of VR enthusiasts to pitch a new in-app feature, which was, in all sincerity, too good to be true.

2Actual Reality

Google leads again, with another well-planned video (this one went live on March 31st), but appears to be directed at those who seek humor online, since it appears to open up almost immediately as a prank video rather than a beta showcase.

3The Donald Trump Meltdown

This one’s a personal favorite. Aimed to surface as a cleverly disguised public communication, the cumulative network of hackers otherwise famous as ‘Anonymous’ declared that their ‘war on Donald Trump’ will kick off on April 1st, sparking a rather dark but exciting hint at what lies in store. There’s no video for this one, but here’s a link that might help.