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I hope everyone’s having a great day. You see, summer’s here, and it’s hotter than ever before. Living in coastal India makes it that much harder to take the edge off,because there’s this delightfully distressing blanket of humidity in the way. Has the summer bug hit you too? Do you, too find yourself sweating like a piglet all day long? And can you still wear makeup in this weather? I think not! I have a big no for all those caked faces and droopy eyes out there. Unless you want your kohl bleeding and face all patchy after a few minutes of getting out of the house, you should read on.

Sometimes I wish I could just curl up somewhere, cuddle something fierce, sip on iced tea and read a good book. Yes, I am obsessed with iced tea these days, I’m positively pushing the barrier for the right kind of tea! Getting back to makeup, everybody wants to look flawless. Yes, even during the summers. Even though you can’t have foundation on, you can still conceal your spots and make your skin look perfect.

In a fit of heat-inspired wisdom, I’ve decided to share with you’ll this basic makeup look which is ideal for summers. It isn’t really artistic, but it works wonders for your summer skin. So here’s what I’m going to do – I’ll list out all the products that I’ve used, with the links where you can buy them.

On a side note – I carried this look for like, eight hours – and it pretty much held on.

1Cleansing and Exfoliating

You cannot skip this routine, no matter what. I know you’ll start sweating in two minutes, or maybe you washed your face like thirty minutes back, but still, please do cleanse and exfoliate your face well. What I’ve used here, is Everyuth Lemon Facewash and Lakme Scrub. Gently scrub your face and rinse with water. Pat dry with a clean towel or tissues.
Products used: Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash and Lakme Cleanup Face Scrub


I used Dabur Gulabari Rose Water here. Just took a few drops of the rosewater, applied it on a cotton bud and spread it on my face in slow circular motions. Besides toning my face, it gives a somewhat cooling effect. If possible, rub a few ice cubes on your face and neck to get it ready for your makeup.

3Moisturizer and Sunscreen

As important as it is during the summer, a well-moisturised face is a must during summer too. Use any moisturizer of your choice and gently rub it on your face in a progressively upward motion. I used the Avon Care Moisturizing Lotion here. It boasts of SPF 15, so I skipped the sunscreen. But if your moisturizer does not bring SPF 15 to the table, please do not leave the house without a coat of sunscreen. It’s an absolute must!
Product used: Avon Care Fairness SPF 15 Lotion with Licorice


BB Cream: I had to skip the foundation since it was so humid. So I used Ponds BB cream. Ever since I have started using BB creams, they’ve become a holy grail routine for me. They’re the best! High coverage, light and weightless, and long lasting. Sometday I’m going to list out my favorite BB creams!

Product used: Ponds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness Cream

Concealer: If you have really bad acne, scars or spots on your face (like I do), you can use a concealer for higher coverage. Apply it under your eyes and on other problem areas like old acne spots, your T-zone, etc. Apply it on your nose, cupid bow and cheekbones to add structure and then highlight them a bit. I used the Coloressence concealer stick here.
Product Used: Coloressence Panstick

Powder: After blending the concealer well, apply a hint of powder if you must! (Use as little as possible). I’ve used Lakme Radiance Compact here.
Product used: Lakme Radiance Compact


I’m not a big fan of dramatic eyes. So to keep this look very simple, I applied black eyeliner, carefully on the upper lashline and curled it a bit towards the outer edges. I used the Lakme Liquid Eyeliner here. I’ve decidedly refrained from using either kajal or eyeshadow.
Product used: Lakme Liquid Eyeliner


I went with Baby Lips Cherry Kiss lip balm to moisturise my lips and give it a luscious shine. Later, I dabbed a bit of Elle18 lipstick in the shade Chirpy Red Swaps, Shade no 61. You could dab a little baby powder to get the matte look.
Products used:  Baby Lips Cherry Kiss Lip Balm and Elle 18 Chirpy Red Swaps Shade 61

That’s it, ladies! The trick to summer makeup is keeping it minimal. You know your face structure and problem areas. So just work towards covering them and enhancing your features without using a lot of products on your face. Also try using water-resistant products, usually on the eyes, so that they don’t smudge.

If you manage to replicate this look, please let me know in the comments section below. If you like this look and want me to tell you how I create other looks, comment below and let me know and I shall build them for you. I hope you enjoy creating and carrying this look! See you next time.

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