New Delhi, February 14th, 2016: You heard that right. With all the hoopla surrounding the new odd-even policy and transportation startups bubbling by the hour, there’s a new angle of relief and financial security bundled in one, and it’s provided by 360Ride.

360Ride is a Bengaluru-based transportation startup which aims to aggregate ride-sharing services into a sustainable financial model. Their maiden app, which is available for Android users at the moment, can help users make money by sharing a seat on their car or bike rides. Presently, this service is open to residents of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida (UP) within the National Capital Territory. The same service was opened up to Bengaluru residents in September 2015, where it enjoyed widespread approval from loyal users.

Ridesharing as a concept is best suited for the clogged traffic scenario in this city as it gives you an opportunity to share a ride with people you’re comfortable with.  Moreover, as a customer you not only end up paying lesser, the cars and cabs on the road too are fully utilized. 360Ride, a ride-sharing platform with only verified users is taking a progressive step towards bringing economy, convenience& comfort of travelling as well as structuring mobility for over a billion Indians.”

– N.A. Haris (MLA, Shanthinagar)

Lokesh Bevara, CEO & Co- founder of 360Ride commented, “We have received remarkable acceptance of our ride-sharing services in Bengaluru and are very excited to launch our new service in Delhi, Gurgaon& Noida as well.  The odd-even mandate that was recently brought to action in Delhi signaled the need to reduce traffic congestion in the country. Extending that thought, we believe that the ride sharing segment in India has a huge potential for growth and is the best way to streamline the transportation system in India. It also offers an economical way to travel while reducing fuel and fare costs for the commuter.”

Safety and feedback features such as ride sharing only with verified users, sharing of ride details, adding of emergency feedback and normal feedback have all been retained within the private car/bike pooling feature of 360Ride. With the density of cars on Delhi roads, car parking hassles and frequent accidents due to traffic jams, carpooling services seem to be the need of the hour across the region and will help curb the transportation woes felt by commuters daily.

The free app allows its users to post or request a ride, without any registration or transaction charges. Users are then intimated via SMS or the 360Ride app after verification of their co-travellers. To enhance the comfort & convenience of passengers, rides can be shared exclusively by females.

How much money can you make with 360Ride?

Currently, the company is running a ride and earn offer for daily riders, where users can earn up to Rs 1200 by sharing their ride on four wheelers or two wheelers. This initiative is launched with an objective to motivate the users on sharing their ride with other co-travellers, thereby reducing dual problems of congestion and pollution on the roads.

Check out 360Ride right here.