Dear Custodians of Sanity in India,

I hope my letter finds you in the best of your health and spirits. I promise – while I pen down this letter, it is not during ‘that time of the month’. Still, just to be safe, I washed my head this morning and dipped my fingers in the Gangaajal that was kept in our in-house temple; the water which my mother-in-law uses to start her day.

So, I write to you to extend my support towards the cause that you all have so rightly raised for the benefits of every citizen of this country. Also, of course, for God. Primarily, hats off to the passion and determination with which you are safeguarding the interests of many. It really is important to know who should enter and should not enter temples. I mean, how can people who are opposing you not understand that this knowledge will actually propel us as a nation into all the technological and scientific advancements that the other nations of this world are wasting their time on? So, thank you, dear sirs.

Secondly, I must commend you for bringing the focus on the real issue related to the very root of this problem- which is that women are different from men because they leak blood every month. It is indeed gross. It is actually a disturbing thing to imagine for you all, I totally understand. in fact, I would like to add (since you have not had a personal experience on this) that this process is sometimes very painful too. Also, us women need to keep worrying about dirtying our clothes and bed sheets at times. Still, we do not bunk school, college and office. We go about living our lives, like nothing is happening to us. But the impure gender that you call us, goes through real pain and hassle in these 4-5 days and I feel for the first time someone has truly understood our suffering.

I am menial Sir, but I would like to suggest that you should pray to the Shani God and Lord Ayappa (who might lose his celibacy if one of us from the impure gender came in front of him, since I know we are all beautiful Sir. Thank you for this also) and ask them to stop this monthly occurrence for us women Sir. It will really be helpful. So what if we will not be able to produce more men who can then go inside and worship inside your temples (tiny little inconvenience, but the babies can only be made if we leak properly in our lives Sir). I am sure we can live with this small sacrifice of discontinuing reproduction. As it is, the country is severely overpopulated. But at least, once we become as pure as you, we can all line up in the Mahila queue and Purush Queue of these sacred institutions and look pretty if a firang photographer takes an aerial shot of us, Sir. Think about it Sir- we in our colourful sarees, you in your starched kurtas. What beauty! I hope you will pray for us, Sir.

I would also like to point out in the end that there are some from your own gender, who are against your beliefs. I know at least three men as one gave birth to me, one is my sibling who I grew up with and the third is the father of my kids. These three people think that their women are stronger than them and that is why they go through this ‘impure’ ritual every month. They say so because we still keep smiling through it all and live life as normally as them Sir. In fact, they have the audacity to point out that they respect us and are so proud of us. I ask you to forgive their ignorance, Sir. If there is any manual which you have prepared, that I can get them to read, (so they can become as pure as you, Sir), I’ll be happy to personally come and pick it up. Don’t worry, we will meet about 5-7 kms away from the temple premises and I will again make sure I am living outside of those 4-5 days that I still go through (I am sure your prayers will soon change this for us all, Sir.)

I hope you will pass this solidarity message on to your peers and be really proud of me. Till the time your prayers are answered, I will continue as the ‘impure one’, taking care of my children, working round the clock to build a future for them, contributing as much financially as my pure husband is, keep watching movies, party with my friends, spend time with my near and dear ones, eat food in restaurants, fly planes, scale the Everest, win Tennis matches, travel the world because mostly people around me are not as intelligent as you to realise that my leakage can actually cause a lot of harm to them.

Yours Truly,

The Impure One.


  1. very simply put, straight & logical perspective. I appreciate.

    ‘Some of us’ created those taboos & superstitions around subjects which, most of the times are meaningless. What is more important that there should be ‘more of us’ around to question & refute these. You belong to the later group. Sincere respect to your point of view.