Ahmedabad, December 26, 2015: Defying the standard rules of eCommerce and fashion trading, a popular blogger based out of Ahmedabad has recently launched an app called ClosetBuddies. It aspires to be India’s only app that is aimed at building a community of women by giving them a platform to digitize their closet. Using ClosetBuddies, women may rent or purchase outfits and accessories from other women by accessing closets listed on the app.

To enhance the lease experience for fashion enthusiasts, the app offers the following perks.

ClosetBuddies OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

This feature allows a user to upload a photograph of any outfit or accessory which they intend to sell or rent by including the necessary captions and the bid amount. The post will then be automatically shown on the news feed of all members, thus allowing a user to monetize her digitized closet.

Make Buddies

The app allows users to interact with one another wherein they can share outfits and accessories, take opinions or just flaunt what they are wearing today. Thus, it helps the entire community of fashion enthusiasts in pooling their resources together and create an ultra-aware peer group of fashionistas.

Closet Ideas

The app also allows users to select hundreds of handpicked outfits and accessories. With ClosetBuddies, it is now phenomenally simple for members to purchase a desirable outfit at the click of a button.

ClosetBuddies also serves as a medium for smaller designers who don’t have the luxury of setting up their own physical/online stores (or can’t generate enough traffic to their existing portals).

ClosetBuddies does not charge any sign-up fee or commission on sales from either the buyer or the seller. The app aims to build a large community of people across the country by connecting those who can discover and use items from hundreds of other closets.

The app is available for iOS and Android platforms, and can be downloaded at:

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Apple App Store