‘TVF Not Fit’ deserves a 5-star rating

The Viral Fever hits gold with an intelligently placed comic feature. AlphaDigest's Editor-in-Chief has personally reviewed the first episode of 'TVF Not Fit'.

TVF Not Fit Review Reviewed AlphaDigest.com Comedy Series

Mumbai, December 18, 2015: TVF (The Viral Fever) recently announced that they will be producing a new TVF Original series, called TVF Not Fit. And since the release of its trailer, there has been widespread speculation regarding genre, reception, quality and most importantly (considering TVF’s reputation for resonating content), virality.

Following the show’s premiere on TVFPlay.com, the Alpha team decided to take the first-day, first-run leap. We were not disappointed. Even though the first episode took off to a slow start, with visible concerns about the lead actor’s ability to deliver punchlines, it gradually dawned on us that TVF’s brilliant writers have once again created a character that appears dumb, but generates adulation based on sheer simplicity. (Remember Mikesh Chaudhary from Permanent Roommates?) The protagonist in TVF Not Fit, is Neerav Kapoor (a.k.a Nero); a veteran among struggling actors in Mumbai. With a ten-on-ten toned physique and a perfectly colloquial vocab, Nero succeeds in capturing the attention span of a thinking viewer, and he does it quite effortlessly.

Fans of erstwhile NBC sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. will spot a definitive stretch of similar traits between Nero and Joey Tribbianiwith the same boyish charm, rugged handsomeness and low IQ combination blending into a healthy cocktail of entertaining dialogue.

Watch the first episode of TVF Not Fit on TVFPlay

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Our Review

The series trailer suggested more than a few similarities with Joey Tribbiani’s exploits as a struggling actor, but this has been one of those rare instances where inspiration from one series didn’t kill the moment. The series definitely succeeds in defying cliches and has introduced a non-slapstick angle which very few, albeit intelligent and appreciative audiences will enjoy. This one’s definitely Alpha.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5/5)

  1. Brave effort in introducing a Mockumentary concept
  2. Refraining from obvious make-up layers for the male protagonist
  3. A series that aims to please intelligent audiences
  4. Attempting to give India its own Joey Tribbiani
  5. It’s TVF.

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  2. Rip off from Tobias character of arrested development (Seriously, Cutoffs !!!) and the office. You would have been better off not making anything than making this. This sucks and it sucks bad.