Mumbai, December 16, 2015Who is an Alpha male? Someone who stands out at every party? An intelligent/handsome/charming/elegant guy? A witty man with sharp features? Rich and influential? A guy who makes every girl laugh her brains out? Oh wait, do girls ever really laugh their brains out? That raises another question – Who is an Alpha female?

By our prevalent standards of definitive identities, she ‘s supposed to be this strong woman who’s no less than her male counterpart, isn’t it? An independent woman who can match an Alpha male as far as characteristics are concerned? By that logic, an Alpha female would never laugh her brains out, right?

We have a paradox here, similar to what Heath Ledger’s Joker said in The Dark Knight – What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Assuming that an Alpha male and an Alpha female are bound to end up with each other, or at the very least fall for each other, how would the situation play out?

Food for thought: Can an Alpha male and female fall for each other?

Do women fraudulently laugh to impress men, or do men actually go the extra mile to make a woman laugh, and thereby impress her even though being funny doesn’t come naturally to them? I have observed that there is a pressure on men to make women laugh if they want to impress them. I want to clarify this – It isn’t really necessary. A woman loves a good sense of humor, but it is a tad more important to not go overboard with it. Most men go wrong when it comes to the correct application of humor.

Let’s break some GSOH (Genetic Sense of Humor) Myths!

What Men Think

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Myth #1: Women will fall for you immediately if you have a great sense of humor.
It goes without saying that women appreciate a decent sense of  humor, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into us falling head over heels for guys! Yes, women laugh hard at good jokes (who doesn’t?) and research indicates that they are even genetically hardwired to derive attraction in humor. But hey, isn’t that true for all emotions in all women? We have equal pangs of happiness, sadness, pain, guilt, success and heartbreaks. So if a girl loves your joke she will laugh out loud, and if she hates it she will get mad at you. Guys, beware!

Myth #2: A good sense of humor is indicative of a man’s intelligence.
It’s hard to imagine why some men draw an easy connection between humor and intelligence. Good stand-up comedians don’t necessarily hail from Ivy league schools, and extremely serious university dropouts have had very successful lives. The point which usually gets messed up at a party/date night, is when a guy randomly tries to make a girl laugh, without really considering the implications of his joke. An intelligent person would know when to crack a joke and why. Self-obsessed people will inadvertently get it wrong.

Myth #3: A good joke can save you from a tense moment of conflict.
It’s weird why guys often make the fundamental mistake of depending on humor as a crutch to get out of weird situations. The only person in history to have successfully pulled off that routine was a fictional character from a wildly popular TV series. But for future reference, please note that the same doesn’t apply in real life. Remember that time when you had a really bad day at work and that funny slapstick comedy movie totally ruined your mood with irritable jokes? The same applies to a relationship. Adopting slapsticks every now and then will eventually bite back. There are times when you need to drop the joke and get down to business.

What Women Think

Alpha Dating Advice Flirting for Men and Women Tvara Mehta Published on

Myth #1: Laugh louder to make him feel confident/wanted.
Ladies, please stop this immediately. At times, it gets more irritating than what you’d like to imagine. In fact, too much laughter can tick a guy off. The occasional LOL usage in texts is okay, but overdoing it is a buzzkill.

Myth #2: Laugh along, even if the joke is offensive to you.
That’s just stupid. It always makes sense for you to tell a guy what you like and what you don’t. The essence to healthy flirting, and thereby to a healthy relationship in the long run mandates a certain level of honesty. If you feel uncomfortable with his joke, tell him. The right guy will understand and withdraw all amateurish comments.

Myth #3: If people are laughing at you, you’re getting attention.
The joke’s on you, girl. It isn’t attention; it’s a distorted body of lies that somehow has you convinced that you’re at the centre of the conversation, while reality dictates that you’re being subjected to collective humiliation. They aren’t admiring you, they’re making fun of you! Wake up.

Finally, let’s focus on not making humor wildly competitive. Let the laughter flow naturally in your relationship and experience the wonders that’ll follow.


  1. Yes an alpha male and alpha female can fall for each other.Many girls think that a witty man is also intelligent. somehow being a smart mouth does shows certain characteristics like confidence,also shows you can think quickly.Your article tells when to stop which is necessary ( if you are driving a bike you need to know when to apply the brakes ) . Will be looking forward to read more 🙂