Texas, December 6, 2015 – Going for a run with a fitness tracker strapped on to your wrist is so 2015. The year ahead is ready to welcome bio-wearable devices; a convenient stopgap amidst regular wearables and the rather controversial (and still experimental) implantable technology.

Chaotic Moon Studios, a Texas based innovation-driven organization has amalgamated disruptive technology and body art to develop an actual working prototype- ‘Tech tats’. Tech tats are temporary tattoos (much like we sported as kids) that can monitor a person’s heart rate, pulse, body temperature and other vitals.

Even though the product’s primary focus is healthcare, Chaotic’s video suggests that their applications aren’t strictly limited to medical or fitness monitoring. The opportunities that such devices present are endless. Eric Schneider, Creative Technologist at Chaotic Moon explains how in the future, Tech tats could be used to store and pull out banking information and perhaps render bulky wallets obsolete.

The Technology

These temporary stick-on tattoos with Do-It-Yourself friendly designs use LED lights, a microcontroller and conductive ink and form a complete circuit on the skin.
Chaotic Moon, which was acquired by international services and consulting firm Accenture, claims to be dedicated to the commercialization of Tech Tats. However, the time frame of its commercial availability seems uncertain.

“We can’t conjecture about when people could get their hands on one. Typically, we will explore the best partners that would help us get Tech Tats to the consumer.” – Ben Lamm (CEO, Chaotic Moon studios)

These efforts to normalize, or even accelerate transhumanism by brave, far-sighted companies raise numerous questions- Can bio-wearables also be used to warrant women’s safety and diminish crime rate? What are the possible negative effects of such disruptive technology? Is the cybersecurity industry equipped to take on the challenges that invariably swoop in with such innovations? Is the world ready to take on a partial cyborg status?

We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?