Seoul, South Korea, November 23, 2015 – November 20 marks the opening of the Korean branch of Gold Finance. It is the first step for Gold Finance to march into the market of East Asia. SBS TV station attended the opening ceremony as an important partner, which symbolizes the beginning of Gold Finance cooperation with Korea in the field of TV entertainment.

As an important partner, SBS TV is influential in Korea especially among the youth. The cooperation with SBS TV station provides a strong aid to Gold Finance’s business. During the opening ceremony, Gold Finance officials including the Chairman of the Board, Jay Wei; Vice President, LiYun Xu; and General Manager, Landy Xu; were accompanied by Teamleader of SBS, HaiDong Zheng; and the Minister of SBS, ZhenHao Jin, in cutting the ribbon together for the grand opening. Gold Finance delegates were also led by SBS TV officials for a visit around the TV station.

The Korean subsidiary of Gold Finance is located at the financial center of Seoul. In the future, Gold Finance’s Korean branch plans to purchase top cultural resources in Korea and integrate them with Gold Finance’s cultural industry. Jay Wei said: “Gold Finance expects more cooperation with Korea in the TV entertainment field.”

“In Taoism, three is a lucky number. The Dao is the underlying principle behind the creation of the myriad things. The order of the process that gives rise to the myriad things begin with the Dao that produces a kind of generative force. The Korean branch is the third subsidiary of Gold Finance, which means it can bring endless luck.” – Jay Wei

The TV industry of Korea has surfaced to gain extensive popularity around the world. Korean dramas have even surpassed the ratings of domestic dramas. The Korean tide is no longer an endorsement of the word “non-mainstream”, but rather a representation of deluxe post-production. It is also observed that the number of film audiences in China are on the rise every year. China may not be a bad choice for Korean filmmakers.

The cultural industry is the core industry of Gold Finance. Except HeRun media and ZeYue media, Gold Finance is going to set up cultural projects trading industry as well as film and TV talents training to formate an industry chain for the company.

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