Hong Kong, November 24, 2015 – Berrytime.com was founded in 2014 because the founders wanted to provide an affordable and a hassle-free online platform for everything health and wellness in Hong Kong. The idea was to have the best products from all over the world on an easy-to-use and hassle-free online platform.

Today, they boast of over 700 products including food and beverages and beauty and spa. In early December Berrytime plans on expanding to the Healthy Home category and will bring products such as water filters, toxin-free dishwashers and air purifiers.

Every time we order from Berrytime, the service consistently exceeds expectations. The products were sitting in my pantry within two hours of ordering. Fantastic! We love that they don’t use plastic packaging to wrap glass jars for transportation, like other online stores in Hong Kong and beyond. Nothing a piece of reused cardboard can’t fix in the box. Thanks Berrytime.

– Melissa S. (Hong Kong)

Ok, so this is the Hong Kong deal. The website is simply stunning as far as layout, text, pictures and information goes. It’s user friendly and simply crazy tempting to explore and lose yourself in. The range of products is growing, all great quality stuff and the service is amazing. Shipping is free and the stuff reaches my home faster than any other web ship I’ve ever used. All my thumbs are up!

– Catarina L. (Hong Kong)