Can comic relief be a tool for safeguarding women?

Entertainer Launches Satirical Book Series and Comedy Tour to Eradicate Violence against Women

Entertainer Launches Satirical Book Series and Comedy Tour to Eradicate Violence against Women
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Victoria, November 24, 2015 – Got Violence? Domestic Turmoil? Booze and fights? Well then you probably have men. Symptoms include: emotional dependency on females, social isolation, stunted mental health, ignorance of interpersonal impact, aggression, competitiveness, substance abuse and a soul-crushing fear of emasculation. Men: a socially constructed condition, that is treatable.

Ryan Levis has written a vulgar book about domestic violence and mental health.

“non-violent communication works in therapeutic and work-place settings, but when addressing pre-contemplative men about sexual identity and mental health there’s no point in being meek. It’s hilarious and gross, informative and helpful.”

The irony lies in how radically divergent he is from politically correct speech and yet still maintains himself as a feminist, “there is a massive difference between my formal, daily vernacular and how I write and do stand-up comedy—it’s night and day. You’ll just have to come see the show or get the book.”

Ryan Levis began his studies in community-based urban development where he discovered a major problem in co-operative economics: conflict resolution. From there, he pursued training in restorative justice, mental health maintenance, peer support, suicide intervention, addiction recovery, trauma management, non-violent communication and Shakespeare.

The Vancouver Island University is hosting Levis to workshop his comedy show and his presentations about sexual and mental health. He begins his residency at Vancouver Island University from November 16th-27th and hopes to replicate it across the continent.


  1. Well India, that`s a treat! The purpose of the event and tour is to talk to men specifically about mental health and destructive behavior. By tackling the root source of domestic violence I feel this is the best way I can show leadership within male-male peer circles.